Conference Back Office Organisation

FontisMedias’ Conference Back Office Organisation provides a complete set of online services for the organisation of academic and professional conferences. The system offers a cost effective online solution for administrative functions and preparation for the conference organisation.
FontisMedia can also assist you with the organisation of a conference by handling part of the system or acting as a consultant on financial aspects of the organisation.

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Additional functionalities can be added to the project, as required.

Upon request, FontisMedia provides the necessary logistic support for the selection of the Conference Venue; Catering; Organisation of the Social Events; etc.

International Society of Electrochemsitry - All 30 Annual and Topical Meetings since 2006
International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP) - All 7 Meetings since 2008
Bioelectrochemical Society - All Meetings since 2013
Séminaire scientifique de Pharmaco-épidémiologie - All Meetings since 2009
Conferences on Nitrogen Ligands
Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience
European Electromagnetics
... and many more