Learned Societies Administration

Your Society can save time and expense with the new technology as developed here at FontisMedia. We can improve and simplify:
1. the management of day-to-day operations and
2. the activites that define the essence of the Society: communication among members via conferences and publications.

The creation of a modern database of the Society membership will save the organisation more than it will invest in this rationalisation of its operations.

These services include:
Membership administration
Collection of dues and bookkeeping
Fulfilment of services and products to members and non-members
Preparation and monitoring of elections and referenda
Dissemination of information to members
Maintenance of the Society website
Preparation of promotional materials
Organisation of conferences and other society related meetings
Publication and distribution of proceedings, Society book series, or other documents
Search for corporate sponsorship

We offer services of promotion, publishing and "back-office" support that will free your executive officers to do the work they know best -- governance and representation to the scientific community.

International Society of Electrochemistry
Bioelectrochemical Society
Groupe Francais de Bioélectrochimie