Web Solutions

If your organization has information of a highly technical nature that requires Internet publication, consider a collaboration with FontisMedia. You will be able to talk about the project with experienced publishers who will then translate your needs to our close-knit team of graphical designers and IT staff. The product will be delivered according to schedule and within budget.
We offer professional quality graphic design, Website development, and maintenance and hosting to learned societies, academic institutions, and small and medium size high-tech companies.


We have many years of experience in packaging technical documents with professional graphical design.
We will work from an existing book of images (logo or other corporate symbols) or develop an entirely new look and feel. Our imagination is client driven !
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The technological bridge between people and information is one of our core concerns. We believe that document retrieval, database access and corporate communications should be driven by an “invisible hand.”


We create internet websites with sophisticated functionality and design, using state of the art technology. Services such as online registration, automatic e-mailer, secure credit card payments, online advertisements, etc are integrated in the websites built for our customers.

European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery
Ingénieurs Géomètres
Institute of Technology Tallaght
WaveMind SA
Swiss MNT Network
International Society of Electrochemistry
Institut Pasteur
Bioelectrochemical Society
ELCOREL ( Electrochemical Conversion of Renewable Electricity into Fuels and Chemicals)